The Eclipse outdoor cabin by Alpha Industries



Application summary:
To create our customers a place of pure pampering and total relaxation, which will also be their source of health, harmony, and beauty. When designing this product, the focus lies on all aspects that reinforce the wellness experience and stimulate all the senses.

1. Project description:

The cylinder-shaped Eclipse is without a doubt the most enchanting outdoor cabin with diameters of 250cm up to 360cm. It is available as a sauna, steam room, and infrared sauna that can be completed with relaxation and changing rooms available as optional extras. The Eclipse is built around a fully insulated metal structure. The outer is finished in EPDM and heather matting, but optionally can be plastered or covered with corten steel. The inside of the Eclipse-S comes with profiles in hemlock, cedar, or aspen, with Chaleur or wave-shaped benches made from ayous wood. The rear wall is fully covered in Himalayan salt stones. The glass front and LED lighting beneath the back support give this sauna a touch of romance. A wood-fired heater in the Eclipse-S ensures a traditional sauna experience, but also it can be replaced with a gas or electric heater. The walls and ceiling of Eclipse Steam are made of hard foam boards 90mm tiled with Ezarri mosaic. Ergonomic benches in hard foam and floor have electrical heating and are tiled with Ezarri mosaic.


2. Originality:

It is an unique poduct.


3. Value proposition to the client / consumer:

The round design looks great on a patio, in the garden, or even in a mountain hut. Thanks to the round walls, the heat is better distributed and retained, yielding ecological and economic benefits. Moreover, because it is an outdoor product, it does not require major investments in interior renovation. Therefore, you can create a unique and affordable thermal experience for your guests.


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