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Application summary:

Savoy Westend Hotel & Medical Clinic in Karlovy vary where therapeutic methodology has a history of more than 600 years, uses the local unique warm mineral springs for drinking therapy, inhalation, intestinal procedures, baths and hydrotherapy Is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of civilization diseases .Diagnostic and treatment clinic Savoy Westend has all the prerequisites both material and expertise to ensure that the latest diagnosis and care of clients.

1. Project Description:

Innovative programme of spa rehabilitation treatment at the Savoy Westend Hotel s.r.o. Karlovy Vary in 2022:

Focused on the prevention and treatment of civilization diseases : 

  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Type 2 diabetes mellitus and its chronic complications
  • Hepatic steatosis
  • Dyslipidaemia and coronary artery disease of the lower limbs
  • Insomnia 

The principle lies in the initial diagnosis of metabolic parameters:

  • Basic biochemical and hematological examinations
  • Three-day glucose monitoring with the GUARDIAN system, determination of glycated Hb
  • Determination of lipid and liver parameters
  • Examination of liver elasticity by FIBROSCAN method
  • Sonographic examination of lower limb arteries and extracranial vessels
  • Examination of sleep apnoea 

2. Originality:

The key programme of the Savoy Westend Hotel is the Complex Spa Treatment, utilizing exlusively the local natural healing resources – mineral water, carbon dioxide and peat – whose healing properties are used in the spa procedures. The most important ones are the water treatment, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, movement therapy, nutritional consulting and, last but not least, the world-famous Carlsbad local mineral water drinking treatment.

Therapeutic procedure: 

  • Drinking therapy with Carlsbad spring three times a day before meals
  • Determination of an individual diet based on an interview with a nutritionist
  • Determination of individual exercise based on initial examination
  • Vacuum compression therapy with CO2 on the lower limbs 
  • Magnetostim – high-induction magnet therapy to strengthen the small muscles of the pelvic floor 
  • Stymsmart – diencephalic modulation , low pulses of electrical current stimulating the CNS
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Baths in spring water with CO2
  • Modification of daily routine and patient education

3. Impact and benefits

After 14 to 21 days of treatment, follow-up examinations are carried out:   

  • Three-day glucose monitoring with GUARDIAN system, determination of glycated Hb
  • Determination of lipid and liver parameters
  • Examination of liver elasticity by FIBROSCAN method
  • Examination of sleep apnea  

Intervention results: 

  • Improvement of glycemic parameters during the day and prolongation of TIR ( Time in Range). 
  • Decrease in lipid parameters ( LDL chol, triglycerides)
  • Improvement in liver elasticity based on determination of reduction in CAP ( Controlled Attennation Parameter ).
  • Reduction in the frequency of apnoeic pauses

4. Sustainability

Thermal mineral springs- drinking cures and other internal or external balneological therapies use 14 springs that are recognized as natural healing resources.

Carbon Dioxide-hanks to its low reactivity carbon dioxide is nearly inert and highly soluble in water. It has antibacterial and fungistatic effects and thus it reduces the effects of bacteria and fungal molds. A carbon bath is one of the oldest spa procedures

Peloids – peat&therapeutic mud -The great advantage of all peloids is their ability to keep a stable temperature for a relatively long time. This is why they are used for procedures during which a stable temperature is required.The beneficial effects of peat for the human body have been known for centuries

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