Robotic rehabilitation in Darkov Spa



Application summary:


EKSO NR – the next step in NeuroRehabilitation

Robotic rehabilitation significantly improves and strengthens the effect of classical rehabilitation methods. A special form of exercises with robot assistance is a great benefit for patients, who achieve significantly better results.

EksoNR is a robotic exoskeleton specifically designed to be used in a rehabilitation setting to progress neurorehab patients so they can walk out of the device and back into their communities. This device is a wearable bionic suit that allows patients with any dificit in muscle strength of the lower limbs to stand up and walk naturally at full load. Walking is achived thanks to a unique solution for sensing weight transfer by sensors located in the device, which activate the motors in the hip and knee joints of the device. Exso NR can help people with hemiplegia due to a stroke, spinal cord injury and weakness caused by multiple sclerosis.

1. Project Description:

Darkov Spa is a leading spa and rehabilitation resort in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest iodine spas in Europe. Our Spa is worldwide known for the iodine-bromine brine combine with robotic rehabilitation. Our resort is specialised in the treatment of locomotive, nervous and circulatory system, skin and gynaecological diseases. In addition, conditions after injuries, surgeries and cerebrovascular events and burns are also successfully treated here. Provided care with more than 155 years of tradition is based on the natural wealth of iodine-bromine water with high content of iodine, the professional staff and the latest medical technology, including robotic devices.

2. Originality:


3. Impact and benefits

Yes, the ROBOTIC REHABILITATION, especially EKSO robot significantly increases the attractiveness of our facility, we are one of the leading spa facilities in the Czech republic highly specialized in robotic rehabilitation combined with the effect of a natural healing source.


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