Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel



Application summary:
At Hot Springs we believe that our wellness and wellbeing depends largely on the origin and quality of our food. This is why we created our own BIO Farm where we grow completely clean and organic produce using traditional Bulgarian farming methods. Every morning we hand-pick and deliver meat, fruits, vegetables, eggs and herbs directly to the hotel’s kitchen where the food is prepared for our guests.

1. Project description:

Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel is located in Banya Spa Resort – an ancient Roman settlement, established on a main Roman path.In the foot of three majestic mountains Rila, Pirin, Rhodope – in the beautiful Razlog valley next to the biggest ski resort in the Balkans Bansko.

In addition to the award-winning SPA and Wellness services and curative mud treatments, our Medical center provides treatment and rehabilitation for injuries and traumas to the peripheral nervous and the musculoskeletal systems using the latest technologies and the healing benefits of the mineral waters known for their medicinal powers for centuries dating back to Roman times. 

2. Originality:

Our organic farm and greenhouses are not only an unique and original concept. We strive to adapt traditional farming and make sure our guests have access to real wholesome food prepared fresh daily. Of course, if they wish they are welcome to take home freshly picked fruits, vegetables, free range eggs, cured fat from our own curly Mangalitsa pigs, honey and homemade jams. Providing real and organic food to our guests is an essential part of our signature medicinal Post Covid treatment packages.  

3. Impact and benefits

Modern city people have lost connection with nature and the old ways to live. Being our guests allows them to not only be pampered and feel rested. They have the opportunity to remember the taste of real home grown and homemade food, to hand pick sun ripened fruits and veggies, to show their children what real hens and pigs look and smell like, how bees make honey.

4. Sustainability:

Sustainability and green energy are top priorities for us. Using the latest technologies, part of the high temperature energy of the mineral water is withdrawn and used for the hotel needs. The remaining energy of the leftover water is used in full to operate the thermal pumps for our organic vegetable greenhouses.We have our own professional recycling system for paper and plastic which aids in our zero waste policy.  


Mina Kapitanova
Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel
T: +359886600505
43 Vtora Str, Banya Razlog, Bulgaria 2778