Covid recovery program in Strimon Garden Medical SPA Hotel



Application summary:

Recovery program after infection with Covid 19 in Bulgaria.

The pandemic of the infection Covid 19 faced the Bulgarian health system with new requirements  as well as requested  serious reorganization of the activity in the outpatient and of the hospital care.

The consequences of the infection and the emerging post-covid syndrome appeared to affect many systems and organs with a variety of clinical symptoms. Already in the first months of the spread of the infection in the country, it became clear that a part of the patients needed rehabilitation. We created tailor made programms for health recovery of the people, after Covid  sickness.  

THE MAIN GOAL of our program is to restore the health status of people who have passed the infection with COVID-19, which is expressed in increasing lung capacity, improving oxygen saturation, correspondingly reducing the feeling of fatigue, restoring physical and psycho-emotional activity.

Medical spa center “Strimon Garden”, a part of hotel complex Strimon Garden Medical SPA Hotel is the place where the programm is implemented.  The hotel is located in the town of Kyustendil, located 100 km southwest of the capital Sofia, in a field known as the cherry and apple garden of Bulgaria. The city has been famous for its hot mineral waters since ancient times. During the period of the Roman Empire, a large thermal center was built and the city was called Ulpia Pautalia

The physicochemical characteristics of the water define it as hyperthermal (73⁰С) weakly mineralized (0.620 g/l), containing hydrocarbonate, sulfate, sodium and fluoride ions. The water contains hydrogen sulfide (12 mg/l) and is rich in metasilicic acid (72 mg/l). It has a markedly low redox potential ( ORP ) < -200 mV. The climate of Kyustendil is determined by its location and is characterized as moderately continental with a Mediterranean influence, with hot and sunny summers and warm, dry and long autumns.

1. Project Description:

The programm includes:

Drinking balneotherapy with mineral water from the Kyustendil water source and/or bottled mineral waters. The mineral waters included in the program, taken as prescribed by the doctor, will force diuresis and stimulate the release of toxic substances from the body;

Outdoor balneotherapy: thermal pool with possibilities for hydromassage, hydromassage baths;

• Thermotherapy: infrared sauna;

• Kinesitherapy: specialized respiratory gymnastics twice a day; therapeutic massages, etc.

• Physiotherapy: magnetic lung therapy, electrotherapy – low frequency currents, ultrasound therapy;

• GUNA resonance electromagnetophoresis – collagen therapy to restore the collagen structure in the body;

 The program is implemented by a team of specialists doctor with a specialty in Internal Medicine, physiotherapists, etc) (guided by   Dr Tatyana Angelova  –  doctor with a specialty in “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine” and over 35 years experience in the medicine .

2. Originality:

What is innovative about the program is the holistic approach and the skillful combination of balneotherapy, climate therapy, kinesitherapy, therapeutic massage, thermotherapy and physiotherapy with an emphasis on magnetotherapy.

Inclusion of GUNA resonance electromagnetophoresis to restore the structure of collagen in the human body. This therapeutic complex is applied against the background of a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fresh fruits, intake of mineral waters with a total mineralization of up to 500 mg/l (1.2 l./1.8 l./24 h), etc.

Who is the program for?

The program is aimed at persons who have experienced a COVID-19 infection with an oxygen saturation above 95, who experience physical fatigue, muscle weakness, reduced mobility, insomnia, depression, mood changes, tension, impaired concentration, etc.

The program aims at detoxifying the body and stimulating the immune defense through the effective use of balneotherapy and climate treatment procedures against the background of a balanced diet. Using the capacity of the medical spa center for anti-stress therapies and relaxation.

Traceable indicators: blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation.

A doctor draws up the individual rehabilitation program and describes the individual stages of the therapy in a procedural card for each patient.

3. Impact and benefits

The inclusion of this program in the portfolio of the medical spa center aroused interest and increased the desire among hotel guests to use not only the spa procedures, but also certain programs for the recovery of the body.

4. Sustainability

Use of the used mineral water for procedures. for heating the building.


Cheri vrah 1, Sofia, 1421, Bulgaria